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We are a worldwide asset management firm founded on basic stock selection, honesty, and prioritizing the needs of our clients.

Our Overview

Multi-Manager, headquartered in Dublin, provides financial professionals with more insightful portfolio construction methods. We deliver proactive solutions that help clients pursue better outcomes in all markets, backed by the expertise of more than 20 specialised investment managers around the world. Multi-Manager is one of the world's largest leading management companies. We have a truly unique business model that allows employees to develop a diverse career with numerous opportunities for differentiated and interesting work. Distribution, sales, sales management, customer service, finance, marketing, product, product marketing, business development, compliance, legal, and other careers are available.

Investment Capabilities

We work with clients to understand their specific investment goals. We provide them with a single point of contact for a diverse set of investment strategies that vary by asset class, investment style, and approach. In addition, we design, develop, and implement multi-asset solutions to meet their specific portfolio requirements and achieve their desired outcomes.

Core Values

  1. ESG

    Sustainable investing allows you to align your investments with your values. Learn how ESG factors can help investors by identifying opportunities, identifying potential risks, and generating competitive returns.

  2. CSR

    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) principles have always been an important part of Multi-Managers' Iivestment culture. Learn more about our involvement and methodology.

  3. Diversity & Inclusion

    Diverse talent, ideas, and perspectives result in better outcomes for our clients, employees, and communities.

  4. Community

    We believe it is critical to help improve the quality of life in the communities where we live and work by donating to local organisations that assist in meeting the health and human service needs of those in need.

  5. Leadership

    Our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class solutions that address our clients' critical investment challenges while producing long-term, sustainable results.

The investment strategies outlined here are offered by Multi-Manager through institutional separately managed accounts. The information and strategies discussed are strictly for illustrative and educational purposes and are primarily intended for institutional investors. They are not a recommendation, offer, or solicitation to buy or sell securities or to engage in any investment strategy. There is no guarantee that any of the strategies discussed will be successful. Past performance does not guarantee future outcomes. Every investment carries some level of risk. While there is the possibility of profit, there is also the possibility of loss.