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We are a worldwide asset management firm founded on basic stock selection, honesty, and prioritizing the needs of our clients.

Our Investment Solutions

Our model provides access to over 20 independent investment affiliates around the world. The Solutions team intends to use this unique combination of skill and scale to tailor investments to our clients' specific goals." 

We can pool asset allocation, portfolio construction, multi-asset portfolio management, and structuring expertise with access to the diverse capabilities of 22 independent investment affiliates around the world and experience delivering bespoke analysis, multi-asset strategies, tools, and services to a diverse and multinational client base.

How We Operate

Multi-Manager Investment Managers Solutions provides clients with access to a diverse range of investment expertise through fully integrated services that place them at the centre of every step of the investment journey. We focus on one goal from design to delivery: creating bespoke investment solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.


In order to provide a roadmap for key requirements and a foundation for informed decisions, a thorough understanding of the characteristics and causes of client challenges is required.

What We Offer

  1. Global Market Planning

    We offer an enhanced analysis integrating macroeconomic and asset allocation inputs, facilitating the design of investment strategies across key markets. We furnish macroeconomic information to bolster decision-making. Moreover, our method allows for the calculation of long-term expected returns across leading asset classes from a top-down viewpoint.

  2. ESG Solutions

    We serve as a central point for all ESG and climate initiatives. With our 'A La Carte' service, we assist clients at each step of their ESG and climate journey: evaluation, distribution, investment, and reporting. Our innovative leadership in ESG and climate matters has gained recognition.

  3. Clarity in your Portfolio

    We provide top-tier, independent research for clients seeking a deeper understanding of risk and diversification factors in their model portfolios. Enhanced analytics assist in areas like ESG scoring, climate simulations, and risk budgeting. Our service is tailored to each client, with skilled Consultants available to interpret the findings.

  4. Advisory

    We offer thoughtful guidance derived from a comprehensive analysis of a client's needs. We design custom model portfolios with an emphasis on risk management and alpha generation. Our advisory structure and reporting necessities are adapted to each client's unique specifications.

  5. Portfolio Management for Multiple Assets

    We boast highly seasoned multi-asset portfolio managers with a substantial history of managing multi-asset funds and mandates. Our well-grounded investment process merges three elements for value addition: long-term strategic asset allocation, medium-term top-down tactical asset allocation, and short-term mandate-specific decisions. Our in-house fund research team supports bottom-up fund selection to contribute to additional returns.

The investment strategies outlined here are offered by Multi-Manager through institutional separately managed accounts. The information and strategies discussed are strictly for illustrative and educational purposes and are primarily intended for institutional investors. They are not a recommendation, offer, or solicitation to buy or sell securities or to engage in any investment strategy. There is no guarantee that any of the strategies discussed will be successful. Past performance does not guarantee future outcomes. Every investment carries some level of risk. While there is the possibility of profit, there is also the possibility of loss.